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Written by Andy Engwer   
Tuesday, 17 January 2017 16:09
Winter Riding Rules By Andy Engwer

Not much is published about winter ATV riding and for the large numbers of new riders and different information out there our Club has decided to get some facts out there. A lot of new ATV riders don’t even know there are trails open for our use during the winter. The rules and requirements to ride in the winter are different than in the summer. On the State level they used to use a measurement for snow depth and freezing temperatures for ATVs to ride the trails. But this did not work well due to the different regions of our State with snow and temperature differences from one end of the State to the other end. Now the State uses groomed trails with freezing temperatures as the guide to allow ATVs on the winter trails. If they are using groomers on the trails then there is enough snow for ATV use. And with freezing temperatures this insures ATV s don’t ruin the trails due to soft riding conditions. As we have seen this winter season winter conditions can change by the week. One of the most important resources to use for riding trails in the winter is the local ATV Club from that area. They will have the information on trail and weather conditions for that trail system at the time you want to ride. Some trail systems are open year round no matter what the winter conditions are and some can be ridden until snowfall is enough for snowmobiles to use the trails and others are for winter use only. So this is another reason to make contact with a local ATV Club in that area to either get the local trail conditions and updated information on changing weather conditions.. Your ATV needs very little to make it ready for winter use. One of the most important items to add on is heated hand grips and a thumb warmer. 4 wheel drive is used a lot more in the winter than with summer riding to improve traction and to prevent any ruts to the trails. A set of tires with a good tread pattern is very important to get you around on the trails. They do make tracks for ATVS but they are very expensive. Another advantage of a tracked ATV is with tracks you can register your ATV as a snowmobile and ride all the snowmobile trails in New Hampshire. Some clubs do some winter events and club rides all winter. Due to the weather a winter ride can be changed due the changing winter weather conditions. So it’s best to contact a local ATV Club where you plan to ride for the most up to date information.
Winter riding trails South of Franconia Notch that we use and facts about each area:
  1. Rockingham Recreation Trail in Freemont This is a rail trail and in the winter we can also ride from the trail head to Epping. Food on the trail
  2. Sugar River Trail in Claremont This is a rail trail from Newport to Claremont. 50” and under.
  3. Sullivan County Atv Club Claremont N No road or highway use during winter riding. Groomed trails below 32 degrees.
  4. Ammonousuc Recreational Rail Trail This is a rail trail from North Haverhill to Littleton. Food and gas on the trail.
  5. Everett Hopkinton Riding Area ATV trails in Dunbarton which some trails that are not groomed.
  6. Pisgah State Park ATV trails in Winchester
  7. Mount Moosilauke ATV Trails ATV trails in Warren with lodging, food and gas on the trail. And in the WINTER ONLY you can ride from Warren to Lincoln through the White Mountains National Forest. And with enough snow cover you can ride from Lincoln to Tilton on the rails with enough snow cover to cover the rails. You must use someone who had ridden this section due to not being marked for ATV use to insure you use the correct trails.
  8. Bear Brook State Park Allenstown WINTER USE ONLY trail system with riding in the park only
  9. Pawtuckaway State Park Nottingham WINTER USE ONLY trail system with riding in the park only
Winter riding trails North of Franconia Notch that we use and facts about each area: Each trail system listed are larger trail systems with many miles of trails to ride.
  1. North Country ATV Trails North Stratford Lodging food and fuel on the trail system
  2. Jericho State Park Berlin No road or highway use during winter riding. Jericho Motorsports on the trail.
  3. Presidential ATV Trails Gorham to Jericho State Park. NO roads and highway use during the winter
  4. Millsfield ATV Trails Millsfield Connection to Errol and Berlin closed in the winter. Food on the trail.
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